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The Way of the Road Warrior: A Journey Across Continents

Life as a road warrior is not for the faint-hearted. Over the past two decades, I’ve traversed the globe, from the corporate headquarters of Microsoft to the remote lands of Asia, through many states in the USA as well as many countries in Europe.

For many years, traveling for me was strictly for business engagements where I just stayed a day or two to get to experience wherever it was that my duty as a presenter/trainer or consultant called me.

My travels have taken me to conferences, meetings, and events in numerous cities across multiple continents, reflecting a relentless pursuit of professional growth and global collaboration.

Let me summarize a little bit of my life as a road warrior.

The Numbers

The statistics of my travels paint a vivid picture of this relentless journey:

  • Visited over 100 cities in more than 30, visiting major tech hubs like Redmond, WA, and Silicon Valley with countless flights and hotel stays, spending months at a time on the road, away from home and family.

The Challenges

Being a road warrior comes with its own set of challenges:

Constant Travel: The frequent changes in time zones and the long hours spent in airports and on flights can be exhausting. Jet lag becomes a familiar, unwelcome companion.

Work-Life Balance: Maintaining personal relationships and a semblance of normalcy is difficult when you’re constantly on the move. Missing family events and milestones becomes a harsh reality.

Health Impact: The sedentary nature of travel, combined with irregular meal times and limited exercise opportunities, can take a toll on one’s health. I gained over 60 pounds in a very short amount of time, something that took me over 20 years to realize and reverse.

Note: My Fit to Fat to Fit story is something I am sharing separately. I’ll share a post or two about this soon.

Mental Fatigue: The continuous cycle of packing, traveling, and adapting to new environments can lead to mental exhaustion. Finding moments of peace and relaxation becomes essential but challenging.

The Rewards

Despite these challenges, the life of a road warrior is incredibly rewarding:

The People: This is by far the most important reward. During these trips I met many wonderful engineers, program managers… wait… I met all these wonderful people, some of which became friends while others just became a distant memory of a time well spent or something deeply technical that I learned.

Cultural Exposure: Every trip is an opportunity to experience new cultures, meet diverse people, and learn from different perspectives.

Professional Growth: Attending international conferences and engaging in global projects enhance skills, knowledge, and professional network.

Adventure: Each destination offers unique adventures, whether it’s exploring historical landmarks, engaging in extreme sports, or simply enjoying the local cuisine.

Conclusion The way of the road warrior is demanding yet immensely fulfilling. It requires resilience, adaptability, and a passion for exploration. While the road can be tough, the experiences and professional growth it offers are unparalleled.

I am now “grounded”, mostly, as I now have a family. This next step in life is wonderful and fulfilling, but having had the opportunity to travel the world has been amazing.